Property Transaction Service

Welcome to the Property Transaction Service

The Property Transaction Service (Service) makes handling property issues easier and faster. You can buy or sell a detached house, a summer cottage or a parcel of arable land or forest land. You can also look at basic information related to your property. If you wish, you can also authorise someone, such as a real estate agent or bank, to act on your behalf in the Service.

The Property Transaction Service serves owners, sellers and buyers of property as well as at real estate agents and banks. Private individuals can log into the Service through authentication provided by their respective online banking services or by using Mobile Certificates or electronic identity cards. Organisations can use the Virre identification system and individuals who are authorised to sign on behalf of an organisation can use authentication.

The Service offers templates for documents such as bills of sale. After a bill of sale has been signed, the registration of title is automatically initiated and it is no longer necessary to apply for registration of title at a National Land Survey customer service point. Public purchase witnessing is no longer necessary, either. To use the Property Transaction Service, the current owner’s title to a property must be registered in the cadastral registry.

Serves you through the entire process of buying and selling property

When all parties that are involved in buying and selling property are users of the Service, information about particular conveyances will be transferred electronically in real time between banks, real estate agents, sellers, buyers and registers. The Service, available in Finnish and Swedish, is easy to use and provides instructional videos to interactively guide the user.

From the start of the project, the National Land Survey has worked closely with the Central Federation of Finnish Real Estate Agencies, Suomen Kiinteistönvälittäjäliitto (in English: the union of Finnish real estate agents) and the Federation of Finnish Financial Services.

By using the Property Transaction Service you can:

  • draft and sign a bill of sale, deed of gift, deed of exchange or preliminary agreement to a sale concerning a property or a leasehold without a public purchase witness
  • apply for a new mortgage
  • apply for a transfer of an electronic mortgage deed
  • apply for annulment of mortgage when the recipient of the mortgage deed is the owner of the property and the mortgage deed is electronic
  • appoint another person to act on your behalf in matters mentioned above
  • buy printouts from the registers concerning the object of documents drafted and signed in the service
  • electronically sign, for instance, a bill of sale sent by a real estate agent or a mortgage application sent by a bank
  • complete an application for registration of ownership

In the Service, you can take actions regarding a real property unit, an unseparated parcel, a designated share or a registered lease. We will continue to extend the service.

The Service does not allow you to:

  • modify a conveyance
  • write and sign a joint ownership agreement
  • establish a lease
  • cancel the joint ownership of a property
  • partition (divide the property of spouses)
  • execute a will
  • distribute a decedent’s estate


Browsing the basic information regarding your property, authorising another party to act on your behalf and drafting documents is free of charge.

An application fee is charged when you submit an application. When setting up a conveyance you need to pay a fee. Having done so, you can access cadastral certificates and certificates from the title and mortgage register, distribute the draft of the bill of sale to the other parties and sign the bill of sale.

The Property Transaction Service user charges are as provided in a Decree of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.


Service is available in Finnish and Swedish. You can login in Finnish or in Swedish only.

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